Faculty Senate

Workplan for 2021-2022

  1. Monitor faculty welfare (indemnity, pension, overload pay)
  2. Follow up on faculty benefits (schooling and insurance)
  3. Identify healthcare services needed for the faculty to ensure a smooth switch to the preferred insurance plan (LAU/LAUMCRH/LAUMCSJ interface)
  4. Ask for additional end of service support for non-professorial rank full time faculty members
  5. Uncouple access to the pension plan from tenure for professorial rank full time faculty members.
  6. Revisit the retirement age for full time faculty members
  7. Other revisions of the personnel policy (paternity and maternity leaves)
  8. HR study of faculty salaries (potential underpaid lines/ranks and disciplines)
  9. Examine practices of academic freedom in teaching for Full-time faculty members
  10. Discuss the mid-term review procedure (input of the concerned faculty member)
  11. In light of the economic crisis, align research KPIs for promotion and PTR with available resources in basic sciences and biomedical sciences (DNS/SAS, SOP and SOM) and other affected research disciplines
  12. Research support (course releases for faculty heavily involved in research, Revisit university service procedures/red tapes and bureaucracies related to research
  13. Revisit the procedure for payment of funds or honoraria for faculty from their external grants
  14. Evaluate university services- a yearly practice
  15. Work on the updated procedure for faculty awards
  16. Follow up on the shared governance committee
  17. Revisit mandates and compositions of university councils (identify potential redundancies)
  18. Revise/update senate bylaws and constitution